2018 UK-IGF

UK-IGF 2018 Planning process

The UK-IGF steering committee held its first planning conference call on the 8th February. You can read a note from that meeting here.

Call for issues

Which topics should be discussed at UK-IGF 2018?

Deadline for submissions: Thursday 29 March, 16:00 BST (UTC +1)

The UK-IGF committee are inviting proposals for issues to be discussed at the UK-IGF 2018.

This is a call for issues, not a call for detailed session plans or workshop proposals. We are asking for issues of high interest to stakeholders with an interest in the governance of the Internet in the UK and beyond.

The committee is keen to keep an open mind and will consider all suggestions submitted. None the less, to keep our shared dialogue fresh and engaging, the committee suggests that topics from last year should only be re-visited if there are new developments or perspectives to discuss. For guidance, you can view a copy of the agenda for UK-IGF 2017 here.

Please suggest only one issue per form, but feel free to send us as many suggestions as you wish!

Suggest an issue by completing the form below.

Proposed timeline for UK-IGF 2018 agenda development:
Mid-Feb: Open call for discussion topics.
End of Mar: Close of open call for discussion topics.
Apr – Jun: UK-IGF Committee to compile proposed topics into broad session themes.
Open meeting to seek stakeholder views on discussion topics and session themes.
Jun-July: Agenda development.
Sept: Agenda to be finalised.
22nd Nov: UK-IGF 2018

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