2017 UK-IGF

UK-IGF 2017 meeting

Following on from an open call for agenda items and a preparatory meeting held on 15th May at the British Computer Society (see record of meeting here), the 2017 UK-IGF was held on Wednesday 13th September.

The draft summary outlines the key themes that emerged from the day’s discussions. These will form the basis of the UK’s messages for the 2017 IGF in Geneva. The UK-IGF committee would welcome any comments from the UK stakeholder community on the draft summary, before it is finalised prior to the Geneva meeting.

You can provide your feedback here.


Cavendish Conference Centre
22 Duchess Mews


Download a copy of the agenda and speaker bios here.

9.00 Registration

9.30 Welcome: Russell Haworth, Nominet (CEO)

9.40 Cyber-Security: Building a Policy Response to an Eminent Threat

This panel debate will examine the growing threat to the UK’s critical national infrastructure. How can we develop a policy based response? How can we protect our connected consumer devices? What is the role of governance?

  • Chair: Gordon Morrison, McAffee UK (Director of Government Relations)
  • Richard Holmes, CGI Cyber-Secure Systems (Secure Systems Engineering Director)
  • Dr Bob Nowill, Cyber-Security Challenge UK (Chairman)
  • Prof. Christopher Hankin, Imperial College London (Director of the Institute for Security Science and Technology)
  • Senior Speaker, National Cyber Security Centre

10.40 Coffee Break

11.00 Ministerial Address: The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, Minister for Digital at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

11.30 Explainer Series: How can Businesses Increase Cyber Resilience? : Richard Horne, PwC (Cyber-Security Lead)

12.00 Education and Online Safety: Informed Digital Citizens

This panel discussion will focus on digital education, how to encourage responsible behaviour online and the role of policy in shaping and encouraging best practice.

  • Hannah Broadbent, Childnet (Deputy CEO)
  • Sophie Linington, Parent Zone (Deputy CEO)

12.30 Mental Health and Accessibility Online

This ‘fireside chat’ will look at the impact of the internet and social media on mental health and how the internet and technology can provide solutions to vulnerable communities.

  • Dr Rachel O’Connell, The Trust Bridge (Founder and CEO)

13.00 Networking Lunch

14.00 How to Combat Fake News?

This panel debate will address what responsibility social media companies have as a platform for publishers to counter the dissemination of fake news. Should they be subject to stricter editorial guidelines? What is the role of commercial drivers in targeting certain information to users?

  • Chair: Mark Wood, Nominet (Chair)
  • Carl Miller, Demos (Research Director)
  • James Cook, Business Insider UK (Tech Editor)
  • Chi Onwurah MP, (Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy)
  • Simon Milner, Facebook (Policy Director for UK, Middle East and Africa)

14.45 Explainer Series: Blockchain 101

Blockchain 101 – Introduction to Blockchain and its implications for policymakers.

  • Pratap Tambe, Tata Consultancy Services (Business Development Manager)

15.15 Afternoon Breakout Session: Shaping your Digital Future – Principles of Internet Governance

Each forty-five minute breakout session will focus on one of the World Bank Group principles of internet governance adopted earlier in 2017.

The three sessions focus on:

  • Inclusion and Access – Natalie Campbell, Nominet Trust (Chair)
  • Design and Resilience – Adam Peake, ICANN (Senior Manager, Accountability)
  • Governance and Trust – Louise Bennett, BCS Security Community of Expertise (Chair) & Susie Hargreaves OBE, Internet Watch Foundation (CEO)

Concluding with a reporting session back to the open conference.

16.30 Looking Ahead to Geneva

What are the UK’s key themes / topics / messages as we look to the 2017 IGF in Geneva? Round up and headlines from the day’s discussions.

16.45 Close & Networking Drinks

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